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‘Mediating democracy’ conference – call for papers

2015 will see a much-anticipated parliamentary election in the UK, at a time in which previously marginalized political parties and movements appear to have caught the public imagination. These seem to be radically interesting times in British politics: Scotland has stayed in Britain, but will Britain be set to leave Europe…? POLITICAL STUDIES ASSOCIATION MEDIA […]

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New book examines television new bulletins

News and Politics: The Rise of Live and Interpretive Journalism by Stephen Cushion, senior lecturer at the School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, Cardiff University examines the impact of TV news. Television news bulletins is still the primary source of information for most people and Cushion’s book asks whether the wider pace and immediacy […]

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American International University seeks lecturer

The American International University, Richmond, London is seeking a digital journalism adjunct lecturer to work three  hours a week starting in early September 2015. We are particularly looking for someone with good multimedia skills who has worked in lifestyle and entertainment journalism. Experience in news and current affairs would also be an advantage. Please contact […]

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New site for EU student scholarships

We have been notified of a non-profit EU-funded student finance portal European Funding Guide ( The platform helps students in 16 EU countries access more than 12,000 scholarship programs and other forms of financial aid, worth a total of 27 billion Euros. Financial difficulties are still the number one reason for students aborting or never […]

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